is proud to present Paws … and Read. We are here to raise funds to support DogGuides of Canada. All profits from the sale of these books will be donated to them. Dog Guides of Canada provides service dogs to Canadians with medical disabilities at no cost to them. However, each dog can cost up to $25,000 to breed, raise, train and deliver to the client, so they need all the help they can get. They receive no government funding.

We will try to bring you a wide selections of books, suitable for your own library, or for reselling. We have both physical books (hard and soft-covered) and downloadable eBooks. We have new and used books, too.

The first image is of the front cover of the book, the second page is the back of the book, showing the isbn number, if possible. Resellers should be able to scan from this image. We will provide a good description whenever possible. eBooks only have the front cover shown.

You can buy as many books as you want. We accept eTransfers, cash. credit and debit cards for in person sales (see: shipping). If you are a reseller or an educator, please contact us for a discount code before you shop.

Shipping: We ship worldwide, using ChitChatExpress. We take books to them on Monday & Thursday, and they ship them out fast! If you are in Southern Ontario, we can meet up at a Timmie’s or something to save on shipping costs.  These books have to be paid for in cash or debit card.


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